Weekly Programs




   and Guest Speakers


Begoni Bistro 

615 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133


JULY 3 (Weds) - President Reagan's first club meeting

July 10 (Weds)- Gloria Choy, Principal of Gordon J Lau Elementary School

July 20 (Sat)- Ron Gin, about The Rotary Foundation - "The Nuts and Bolts"

August 7 (Weds)- Mel Lee, President of Chinese Hospital - "History of the Chinatown Six Companies"

August 14 (Weds) - Dennis Chew, Charity Cultural Service Center - Culinary School Program

August 24 (Sat) - TACT scholarship recipients  & The Association of Chinese Teacher's

Sept 4 (Weds) - Capt. Robert Yick - Central SFPD Station

Sept 11 (Weds) - Nikole Lim, co-founder and director of Freely in Hope

Sept 21 (Sat) - RCSFC - club assembly

October 2 (Weds) - Desiree Lyons, Rotary Club of Pacifica- Global Grant "The Empowerment of Women in Guatemala"

Oct 9 (Weds) - Jenny Leung - Chinese Cultural Center

October 18th (Fri) - Westwood Village Rotary Club visits - at our club meeting

November 6 (Weds) - Eddy Zheng - Community Youth Center - mentor & motivational speaker

November 13 (Weds) - Chris Kelly - Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP)

November 23 (Sat) -

December 4 (Weds) - Bob Hermann from RotaCare

December 11 (Weds)

January 8 (Weds)

January 15 (Weds) - Kit Dai, Director, Office of Contract Education at City College of  S.F.

January 25 (Sat) -  "The Year of the Pig", Chinese New Year's - NO MEETING

February 5 (Weds) -  Julia Flynn Siler,  Historian and Author of "The White Devil's Daughter"

                                         Women who fought slavery in SF Chinatown

February 12 (Weds) - club Guatemala Water Project update

February 22 (Sat) - Raymond Luu - Project by Project (non-profit 2019 for Gum Moon)

March 4 (Weds) - Samah Damanhoori- Madina Papel Animation

March 11 (Weds) - Shannon Way, Executive Director of HomeownershipSF

March 21 (Sat) - Rotary 5150 District Assembly, Redwood High School, Larkspur 7:15am-3pm

April 1 (Weds) - Sterne School, Ed McManis - Head of School

April 8 (Weds)

April 18 (Sat)

May 6 (Weds)

May 13 (Weds)

May 23 (Sat)

June 3 (Weds)

June 10 (Weds)


Wednesday Meetings: Noon-1:30pm

 Saturday Meeting :10:30am-12:00 pm

(please check club calendar)

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