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Six Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus Handout

Areas of Focus Goal Chart


The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation have identified six areas of focus for the new grant structure. These areas reflect critical humanitarian issues and needs that Rotarians are addressing worldwide. They will align Rotary with other international development efforts and will strategically further the Foundation's mission .

Statements of purpose and goals


Each of the six areas of focus begins with a statement of purpose, followed by a list of specific goals. The Foundation will use the goals to establish

  • Projects and activities for packaged global grants 

  • Possible strategic partners for packaged global grants 

  • Evaluation criteria for club- and district-developed global grants 

  • A system for measuring outcome for all global grants 


Download guidelines for developing eligible projects and activities within the areas of focus.


Areas of focus

  1. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution   

  2. Disease prevention and treatment   

  3. Water and sanitation   

  4. Maternal and child health   

  5. Basic education and literacy   

  6. Economic and community development   


Peace and conflict prevention/resolution 

The Rotary Foundation promotes the practice of peace and conflict prevention/resolution by

  • Strengthening local peace efforts 

  • Training local leaders to prevent and mediate conflict 

  • Supporting long-term peace building in areas affected by conflict 

  • Assisting vulnerable populations affected by conflict, particularly children and youth 

  • Supporting studies related to peace and conflict resolution 


Disease prevention and treatment 

The Rotary Foundation reduces the causes and effects of disease by

  • Improving the capacity of local health care professionals 

  • Combating the spread of HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other major diseases 

  • Enhancing the health infrastructure of local communities 

  • Educating and mobilizing communities to help prevent the spread of major diseases 

  • Supporting studies related to disease prevention and treatment 



Water and sanitation 

The Rotary Foundation ensures that people have sustainable access to water and sanitation by

  • Increasing equitable community access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation 

  • Strengthening the ability of communities to develop and maintain sustainable water and sanitation systems 

  • Educating communities about safe water, sanitation, and hygiene 

  • Supporting studies related to water and sanitation 


Maternal and child health 

The Rotary Foundation improves the lives of mothers and their children by

  • Reducing the mortality rate for children under the age of five 

  • Reducing the maternal mortality rate 

  • Improving access to essential medical services and trained health care providers for mothers and their children 

  • Supporting studies related to maternal and child health 


Basic education and literacy    

The Rotary Foundation promotes education and literacy for all by

  • Ensuring that children have access to quality basic education 

  • Reducing gender disparity in education 

  • Increasing adult literacy 

  • Strengthening the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy 

  • Supporting studies related to basic education and literacy 


Economic and community development 

The Rotary Foundation invests in people to create measurable and enduring economic improvement in their lives and communities by

  • Strengthening the development of local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women, in impoverished communities 

  • Developing opportunities for decent and productive work, particularly for youth 

  • Building the capacity of local organizations and community networks to support economic development 

  • Supporting studies related to economic and community development

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