A Message from the Club President


District Governor 2020-21'

Mary Bates

Rotary Club of Foster City



Club President 2020-21'

Paul Chin

President message:

 In these strange and difficult times we will have to think outside of the box.  Given our limited access to participate with our many community projects, we will have to continue our Rotary motto of Service in a less physical way.  I am looking at more direct donations to aid with the many organizations that are in need of help and support.  We, as a board, will review some of our options at our next board meeting and present them at our regular meeting.  Your input of projects and new ideas are always welcome. I have always had faith in our club to wade through this and other difficult times and to continue to be productive and supportive to those who are in need our services. I know that with your combined efforts and input, we will get through these times and rise up as a stronger club for our efforts.  Let us keep encouraging and supporting each other.  Loving someone is not always having to say these words, asking how someone is doing, if they have eaten, or how was your day is also a way of saying I love you enough to be concerned. Please stay health and safe.


In Rotary,






2020-2021 District 5150 Tree Pin Artwork

RI President 2020-21'

Holgar Knaak

Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany

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