A Message from the Club President - Past Presidents Message 2008-2012


President Ted Abe


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President Jim Allen

Our year is complete.  Once again this club has distinguished itself by earning a "Best Club" award.  I happily hand over the reins to Ted Abe, whom I'm sure is going to have another excellant Rotary year.


I want to thank the club for their great response to the Japanes earthquake and tsunami.  We were able to raise funds for Shelter Box to supply immediate relief for those living in community shelters.  Also we helped to fund the students at Lick Wilmerding High School as they put together 500 back packs of school supplies in time for the students in the Sendai area of Japan to get back to school. And, we were able to raise over $3000 to give to our Rotary District to fund longer term projects in conjunction with Rotary Clubs in Japan.  Well done!


We had a great first quarter of the year.  Community projects included dictionary distribution to five elementary schools, and in conjunction we will be holding our "Rotary Four Way Test" essay contest.  We also managed to assemble and distribute 200 gift bags filled with cleaning, hygiene, and children's items to families living in SRO (Single Room Occupancy) units in Chinatown. We helped fund and distribute 125 Spring Time Gift Baskets with the youth at Community Youth Center.


Soon we have a full list of items to close out the year, including; SRO smoke detector installation on Rotary at Work Day, April 23.


International projects include supporting; Half the Sky orphanage in China, Nutritional Centers in Nepal, Microcredit in Columbia, Birthing Center in Palestine, and Boys Hope Girls Hope in Guatamala.


The theme this year for Rotary International is "Building Communities - Bridging Continents", is something our club has taken to heart from the very start.


Jim Allen, President 2010-2011

Rotary Club of San Francisco Chinatown


President Jim Allen



July 1, 2009

It is with great honor and pleasure that I can serve as President of The Rotary Club of San Francisco Chinatown 2009-2010.  We are a new club - just chartered June 30, 2008.  I would like to thank our Charter President Alex Chiu for doing all of the paper work and his leadership our first year. 


This club is "unique and friendly".  Although we are a small club, we have done a lot of community service projects.  We invite all interested individuals and portential members to join us in one of our community projects to feel and understand the satisfaction and fellowship of our club.


Our club is diverse, about 65% women, about 50% retirees, some members under 5' and some members over 6'.  Members live throughout the bay area, but no one lives in Chinatown!


I want to thank all of our club members for their support and input.


By the way, the women run the club, I just ring the bell.


Ron Gin

President, 2009-2010



June 30, 2010

As I finish my year as president, I must say that it has been a great year.  Our club exceeded all of my expectations.  Great projects, great parties, great speakers, and great fellowship.  We capped off the year by winning the District 5150 Best Small Club award!  "Thank you" to all of our members and supporters.


The ladies still run the club, I just rang the bell


Ron Gin,

Past President


President Alex Chiu


Waiting for the President's message  .... this will be a long wait.

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