A Message from the Club President - Past Presidents Message 2012-2013

President Andrew "Saw" Yu

Poem to Past President Andrew 

Andrew Yu our true warrior

Driving us to great achievements

Sawhorse, his name couldn't be better

Here, there, everywhere are commitments.


Workhorse he is and always here for all

Not the shadow behind Ron at all.

Standing tall with is military stance,

But, neverthless ready to dance.


Alliance for Smiles with Sawhorse,

Translating that hope was alwasy near.

Bringing joy through the open doors,

That there childs smile was alwasy there.


Shelter Box, one of his passions

Running, packing & setting up hs box

At conferences & conventions,

far & near for all to see, it rocks.


Sawhorse, you do so much for our Club

We'll have our first woman President

Though you shoe not fit, she'll make amends

With support of her team, still our Club.


Have Shelter Box, Sawhorse rides again!


Thank you Sawhorse!


President Lily


My message to our Club:

It is an honor and privilege to be selected by my fellow club members as the president of this great club. I'm looking forward to this wonderful opportunity and experience. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the presidents who have served before me and I'm grateful for their services.

Rotary provides the opportunity for service that we cannot do on our own. Our club members are just common people from different communities, doing great work together uncommonly well. In the year ahead, as we continue to support our projects both locally and internationally, we will take on a new endeavor with the focus on membership --- 2R (Recruitment & Retention). We will try to achieve this goal with the 3F --- Food, Fun and Fellowship.

When we joined Rotary, we were offered a gift called the Rotary membership, because the persons asked us to join must see us have the right mixture of potential for service and fellowship. Now it's time for us to extend this gift of Rotary membership to someone else.

Thank you for placing your confidence and trust in me. I will do my best to serve you well and to facilitate our efforts in providing peace through service by not letting the club fall apart and me getting impeached.

Yours in Rotary,

Andrew "Sawhorse"


Rotary International President Sakuji with SF Chinatown President Andrew 

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