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Jan 15-22, 2015


We help build a Bottle School in Guatemala!


Flew into Guatemala City

bus transportation to Antigua

travel to school project located 30 minutes from San Martin area

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Gautemala Bottle School

Club members Jennifer (far left) and Arleen (far right) volunteer in National Immunization Day (NID) in India Feb 2013.  Making a difference in fighting Polio.

Web sites of groups that we support internationally:

Our club's contribution will support the cost for food, medical, and dental care, transportation, clothing and extracurricular activities for one child for an entire year.

Half the Sky (HTS)

Changing children’s lives does not require new facilities or expensive playthings or complicated new procedures. Human contact is the most important ingredient, and caretakers can make a huge difference—just by taking an extra moment whenever possible to hold the babies, talk to the children, hug them all, and assure them that someone cares.            
For the Children, Half the Sky’s training manual

Our club is sponsoring two orphaned children in Chengdu, China. Four club members are planning to visit the children in Xiamen, in the Fujian Province in May 2010.   Watch for pictures.


The Children's Psychological Health Center, Inc.

Our club has contributed to this organization headed by Dr. Gilbert Kliman in suppport of  his excellent work in using " Guided Activity Workbooks" to heal children traumatized by the events of the 2008 Sichuan,China earthquake. Club members have also assisted Dr. Kliman with translating and interpreting service while working with surviving parents, children and local doctors in the earthquake areas of China.

Our club is exploring ways to support and deliver Dr. Kliman's program to help the people of Haiti recover from the aftermath of the recent and devastating earthquake.


We respond instantly to natural and manmade disasters by delivering boxes of aid to those who are most in need.


Each box supplies an extended family of up to 10 people with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless. 



Our club has contributed generously to both the 2008 Sichuan,China earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake relief fund through direct donation to Shelterbox and our District. Members of our Club have also participated in the distribution of the tents, working along side Shelterbox personnel during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake relief efforts.


Alliance For Smiles (AfS)

Alliance for Smiles organizes and sends surgical teams to sites for two week missions. A surgical team is comprised of approximately 20 volunteer plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, nurses and dentists. They are supported by 10 non-medical volunteers. During a mission, 80 to 120 under-served children receive surgery for cleft lip & palate anomalies. The AfS team works side-by-side with local medical practitioners to exchange ideas on proper medical techniques and procedures, as well as provide follow-up care.


Our club is planning a contribution to this organization for providing free cleft lip and palate surgeries to needy children worldwide. In addition, charter club member Andrew Yu will volunteer to be the translator and interpreter for the medical team during their mission in China this summer.


Operation Tooth Fairy

For over a hundred years, Rotary Clubs have initiated programs to improve lives of people all over the world, as well as build understanding, peace and goodwill. One program would often lead to another. A much-acclaimed project has been a world-wide effort to surgically repair cleft lip and palates on thousands of underprivileged children. As a non-medical team leader on several of the surgical missions, Pablo Castro saw the need for orthodontic and complex dental care for these children. In 2005, he organized Operation Tooth Fairy or Hada de Los Dientes, as it is known in South America.


Our club will be contributing to this organization,providing  free operations to childern in South America.


Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation (NYOF)

The Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation (NYOF) is a U.S. based nonprofit organization devoted to bringing hope to the most destitute children in the beautiful but impoverished Himalayan country of Nepal. With a personal touch, we provide them with what should be every child's birthright - education, housing, medical care, and loving support. Empowered to reach their potentials, these children blossom, enriching the world we all share.

Our partners in this work are private foundations and individuals around the world and non-governmental organizations in Nepal. Because dollars go far in Nepal, we can literally change lives for pennies a day.







Transforming the Future of Nepal:
An introduction to NYOF's Programs, by Olga Murray



Our club is currently exploring potential partnership with other district Rotary clubs  to sponsor NYOF's "Nutritional Rehabilitation Home" in Nepal.


Sustainable Organic Intergrated Livelihood (SOIL) in Haiti








In nature soil transforms organic matter, sustaining ecological systems by converting one organism’s wastes into another’s resources. It is from the soil that our organization has borrowed both our name and our philosophy.  Our mission is to transform discarded materials and pollutants into valuable resources, creating livelihoods and cleaning up the environment


Our club is working with SOIL to explore ways in which  we can help rebuild the local community via SOIL during the earthquake reconstruction phase.


The Samburu Project (TSP) in Kenya

Our club is supporting this organization through our efforts to develop a joint project with other Rotary clubs, with the goal to fund one water well drill in Samburu, Kenya, by the end of 2010.


The Samburu Project´s first initiative, 25 Wells, is aimed at providing easy access to clean, safe drinking water to communities in the Samburu District, Kenya. With water, it becomes possible to impact other aspects of community life including education, healthcare, income generation and women´s empowerment. With water, development happens.

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