FAQs About Membership


1.  How do I join?

        Membership is by invitation. To ensure the best, we highly encourage you to attend at least two                     club meetings and participate in one service project before considering to apply.


2. What are the dues and fees and what are they for?

        The annual membership club dues are $375.

        These amounts fund club & district expenses to operate programs and member services such as                     training courses, district events, and a subscription to Rotarian magazine as well as donations to                   The Rotary Foundation (TRF).


3.  What other fees or costs will I incur?

        Weekly lunch at meetings - $20. Currently meeting via Zoom meeting - optional donation only

        Cost for optional social events, support for club fundraisers, and partner club fundraisers, visits to                   other club scheduled meetings, Annual District Conference & optional – Annual International                         District Conference.


4.  What are the other benefits of a membership?

           You will build friendships and socialize with like-minded people

           Have opportunities to make a difference in the life of others-give back

           Develop life skills like public speaking, project management, event planning and

           meet professional people

   We invite you to email us if you have questions: rotarysfchinatown@gmail.com


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