Our next club meeting via Zoom 

Weds.- Aug 19

12:00 pm-1:30pm

Guest Speaker:

Elizabeth Chafcouloff 

on Speech Pathology Rehab


All Guests welcomed..


Club President

of the

Rotary Club of S.F. Chinatown



•    Rotary is a leadership organization.
•    It is local business, professional, and civic                        leaders.
•    Rotary is fellowship: Rotarians get to know  each            other, form friendships, and do business together.
•    Rotarians do great things – in our community and        in the world.
•    Rotary is a worldwide network of inspired                        individuals who translate their passions into social        causes that change lives in   communities.

     Join a worldwide network and help us as we                   change the lives of millions of people in our                     communities and in the world.



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