Dear Supporters and Friends:

The Rotary Club of San Francisco Chinatown will be observing the Public Health Order -

"Stay at Home" set forth by California Governor Newsom. We will be cancelling non-essential events and meetings until further notice.  

During this challenging time, The members of the Rotary Club of San Francisco Chinatown wishes that you please:

* Take good care of yourself

* Pay close attention to the elderly and sick

* Should you absolutely need to be outside, be mindful of a (6 ft) distance be kept

* Report to the doctor if you or someone you know is not feeling well

* Stay informed - click here daily

* Remain positive

* Keep in touch with family, loved ones and friends. Call them, text them, check on them

* Email or give us a call. Need us to run an errand? Need some help?

* Wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds & avoid touching your face

   and lastly.....

* Remember to smile often






Meet our two newest club members!


Michael Zheng

Art Gallery, Manager


Drew Klein

Entrepreneur and social media guru

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•    It is local business, professional, and civic           leaders.
•    Rotary is fellowship: Rotarians get to know         each other, form friendships, and do                     business together.
•    Rotarians do great things – in our                         community and in the world.
•    Rotary is a worldwide network of inspired           individuals who translate their passions               into social causes that change lives in                   communities.

Join a worldwide network and help us as we change the lives of millions of people in our communities and in the world.



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